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Realtors Home Inspection Services

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  • Repair Pricer
  • Home BinderYour Real Estate Pro Details are Displayed Along with Ours
  • $10,000 Agent Negligent Referral Protection
  • Repair Request Document Generator
  • Reports Delivered in 24Hrs or Less
  • Instant Report Summary After Inspection
  • And Much More…….


home inspection services - Now offering repair estimates on all home inspections  Email marketing that helps you and the client

Take a Look at the Explainer Videos Below for Home Binder and Repair Pricer ⇓  Offer Your Clients More with Bolt Home Inspections and Stay Top of Mind for Years to come.


Check out this Video regarding Repair Pricer and what it brings to the table. Your Life will be so much easier without having to try and figure out the cost to repair items of a home.

Repair Pricer Estimates repairs, so you don’t have to.



Realtors Home Inspection Services

As part of every inspection, we gift homeowners with a lifetime subscription to HomeBinder ($360 value). HomeBinder is an online platform and app for seamlessly managing the most valuable asset—your home. It helps homeowners:

  • Gain peace of mind. Reduce the stress of remembering every home issue and time frame with helpful maintenance reminders
  • Prevent costly repairs. Easily keep up with regular home maintenance, to avoid unexpected issues; spend a little time and money today and save $1000s later.
  • Be more efficient. With everything about your home stored in one secure place, you’ll never lose that warranty or instruction manual again.
  • Have immediate access to all your home info via ipad, desktop or mobile. Rest easy knowing your info is safely stored and available when you need it.

Whenever possible, pre-existing information, such as maintenance schedules and recommended local pros, will be uploaded to the binder from the inspection report.  Rest assured, all of the homeowner’s personal information is safe, private, and only accessible to them. Homeowner, information will not be shared with any vendors unless specifically requested.


Check out this video regarding Home Binder and the benefits to you.



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How Long Does a Home Inspection Report Take?

Queens and Long Island New York


There could be many variables that affect how long a home inspection report will take to be delivered to the client.

This is an excellent question because it is very important to the real estate transaction how long the inspection report will take

to be delivered. The client, attorneys, and real estate agents are all waiting for this report to make their next moves.  Many times

the report is used as a negotiating tool; no report, no negotiating right? Also the client may change their mind based on the findings

of the report; too many big problems? You might want to move on to another home. If you do decide to move onto another home

Bolt Home Inspections will report on your next home at a $100 Discounted rate; we’re here to help you along on your journey.

To keep the article shorter, we will stick to just a few reasons of reasons that can affect you receiving the report faster

  • Top of the list is the Home Inspection Companies and technology

Many home inspection companies are just not very savvy when it comes to using the latest technologies sad to say. Today the technology

available is so far superior to the days when inspectors used pen and and a paper checklist; no photos either. A company like Bolt Home Inspections

uses the latest On Site Reporting software available.  We are inputting information into a report as we go, and able to have that information relayed to

offsite personell to work on the report. For this reason we can have your report to you in less than 24 hrs.  Most other inspection companies provide reports on

average from 2-5 days later.  In a HOT sellers market a Fast Report can be the difference between getting to contract or losing the deal.

  • Time of the Year

Depending on the season is one of the reasons home inspections companies could take even longer to provide a report.  During the busier Spring to Fall Seasons inspection companies are busier and therfore start to slip on the report writing aspect of the business.

  • Depending on the Amount of Problems the Home Has

For some companies getting through a home with many problems could cause them to have to delay the report.  The many problems a particular home may have, combined with one or two of the above mentioned problems could cause

massive delays in you receiving a report timely.


Bolt Home Inspections

Will get a report to you in 24 Hrs or Less.

We even have available and Expedited Option

which will get you your report in 12hrs or less Guaranteed

How long does a home inspection report take?

Bolt Home Inspections New York Serves Queens and Long Island NY Including some areas of Suffolk County.

Queens and Long Island NY are very large and diverse areas, with many different types and sizes of homes. Homes vary from one family, two family and up, various size lots, for example in queens smaller lots are common, and in long island usually much larger lots.  There are also differences with home types, such as more attached and semi detached homes. For example in Queens NY as opposed to Long Island which is much more likely to have detached homes as a whole.  Detached homes brings with it, other items which a home inspector would be looking for, such as negative grading on the sides of the homes and other differences.  Most companies offer just a PDF report and that’s it, nothing else. Here at Bolt Home Inspections we bring you so much value and we pride ourselves in offering so much more than others. Look at some of the  Extras we provide below. Click on the links and look further into our services. When you are ready, we’ll be ready for you.

Our service comes with many Perks including Report delivered in 24 Hours or less via email, We’ll Buy Your Home Guarantee,  Recall Check for life, which let’s you know of any recalls on appliances.

One of Only a Few in the Home Inspection Industry to Offer Repair Pricer and Home Binder   with every home inspection. Take a look at this RepairPricer Video Here for more information.

Receive a Beautiful and fully detailed Book, including information about all the parts of your home and maintenance. We will present this book to you at the home inspection along with other useful handouts.

And so much more……

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